Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When the Heart Stopped Beating

Why can't I write what I feel in my heart
Dear child, why did you depart?
Your tupperware's filled with cupcakes
You say your mother simply bakes and bakes
You come many a time with a little parcel in your hand
And with a smile and a greeting in front of me straight you stand
And give me the parcel - a piece of the cake that your mother had baked.

Where are you our dear dear little child
Your illness was really very mild
So why did you just go away
Why couldn't you stay
Were you so ill?
Our hearts fill
with sadness
This is madness
that you were taken
so suddenly from all of us
Oh please dear child when your heart began to stop beating
Why didn't you call out to us to tell us that your time was running out
We would have grabbed your hand tight
And we would all have fought
And not allowed you to walk
away and out of our lives
We had not the time
to hold you
close and
tell you
going to
forget how
you touched our
lives in so many different
unforgettable ways that are uniquely
Harish and there can never be another you.
We love you, care for you and now that you have left
Father, mother, brother, sister, and friends feeling bereft
To be in God's hands.
May He keep you safe
Until the tide of life
brings us all
dear child
we bid you a sad
and fond farewell and God Bless.

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