Thursday, December 29, 2011

I found the salve for my disturbed self

"If you focus on the person who does the wrong thing, then you have anger. If you focus on the issue, then you have compassion. Worrying does not change anything and it only brings pains. Uncertainty is a natural phenomenon. It is a fact and we need to accept it. Just prepare and do our best!" - Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, The 7th Global Conference on Buddhism.

The last one month has been a torment for me. Today, one of my ex-students posted this on facebook and it cleared my thoughts for me.

  1. Let me not focus on the person or persons causing the problems.
  2. Let me focus on the issue - not a clean heart. But then who am i to judge them? I am looking for the compassion. Let me find it.
  3. I shall worry no more and am already looking forward to my weekend at the PJ Hilton and the coming new year.  I am not able to go with my sister to Italy in January but I shall go with her, if she goes, to New York in July.

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