Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Love for Johore Bahru knows no bounds

Jay Bee my home
why do i feel so alone
when i visit
something does not fit.
What has happened to the soul of my town
Why is my face contorted into a perpectual frown
Where are the familiar faces and shops of wong ah fook
All of you stop and take a look.

i was born in Jalan Dhoby
long before it was a city
then it was home
now its an empty dome.

where are safiah, awang, mat, mariam and the others
where are sau siah, her parents and her brothers
where is the lady who sold us cow’s milk by the tumblers
where did all the familiar people scatter

oh how well i can feel what azly rahman feels in his heart
how intensely lonely i feel as from a once-safe Jay Bee we depart
But when night falls and my thoughts return to my childhood
That is when i see my jay bee – for time – for me - still it stood!

prasanna krishnan

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