Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Links that Link us All

Sunday, 31 July 2011
I offer a lift to Molly Verghis' mother-in-law from JB to KL. She arrives with her small bag and her quite nervous smile with her son Jacob and daughter in law Molly. Molly is very special to me.

I met Molly way back in 1979 when she was fourteen years old. Her late father was a senior conductor in the estates / plantations and the family had just moved to Tuan Estate in Karak, Pahang. I believe it was a very reluctant move for this family, from Kuala Kubu Baru.

Chandra invited them to the bungalow and Mr and Mrs Verghis and their children came in the evening. Mr Verghis had a smiling face and so did Mrs Verghis. He had very tanned skin, most probably due to long hours under the hot sun, in the fields. Mrs Verghis had very light skin and she spoke about not being well and having a weak or sensitive stomach.

Emily had completed her Form 5. Sheela was studying in Singapore. Easaw was in Form Five and Molly was in Form Three. Then there was Shibu who was in boarding school. The children were all exceptionally good looking, extremely well mannered and endearing.

I think it helped somewhat when they found out that i was a teacher and would take the children to school. That was one problem sorted out - going to school from far away remote estates. They would be studying SMK Karak, where i was an English teacher.  That was the beginning of my long friendship with especially Molly.

Molly and her siblings call me Chechi and i felt really like an older sister to them all. I was 29 when i met them. Today i am 61 and Molly is in her forties. I see the kid in her and i think she sees the older sister in me. As i grow older, i will need people like Molly in my life for friendship, companionship and care, when life gets lonelier. I know that she will be there for she never fails to remember me during special days and ordinary days as well.

The story of Molly and her family will continue another day. Now i have to prepare a recipe for Omi my Filipino helper, for my dinner when i return after work.

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