Friday, August 5, 2011

as years go by

Thursday, January 05, 2006

as time goes by

it's almost three in the afternoon and i am in my office. i can hear the excited voices of my clerks as they look forward to the coming weekend and the short week ahead with the tuesday public holiday.

so much and so little has been accomplished today and before it gets consigned to the cargo of uneventful days i have to state for posterity's sake that my day started at 2 in the morning when i drove my husband to the bus station to catch the morning bus to KLIA to catch the 8.30 flight to Chennai. gopal who stayed over with us, used my alarm clock to get up before 2. i took the clock back from him and forgot to reset it - hence i overslept.

from the bus station i got straight back. it was a very quiet drive and due to the spate of crime in this place, it was a little nerve wrecking too. when i got back i found that i wasnt sleepy. i rummaged thru the fridge and found some rice and prawn curry. i decided to tuck in cos rice always makes me sleepy. it did the trick. i ate rice and watched as arial sharon slowly died in israel.

how did i feel about sharon. one life is as precious as another. after so many unworthy iraqi deaths, i paid more attention to the prawns i was eating.

i slept the sleep of the tired and the peaceful. my husband woke me when he rang from KLIA where he was having a cup of coffee with gopal. lucky me, i was able to be in school before 8.

so many parents.
girls gets 4As and goes to the arts class with her mothers permission. father puts her in the science class.
girl gets Ds and wants to be a doctor.

my first day in 1 Eagle. its a wonderful class. they are going to do well. then the girl durga devi with the allergic reaction. and finally here i am listening the clerks who are very quiet. slowly munching some chick peas i write my first blog. is this history?? guess who i am ....

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